Director Annalisa Piras


Springshot is an award winning production company making high end creative documentaries for international audiences. It was founded by Annalisa Piras, following her 25 year career as a foreign correspondent, journalist and producer for L’Espresso, the BBC, La7 TV, RAI and Euronews, among others.

Springshot’s latest documentary, “The Euro Story”, “ Die Euro Story”, L’Euro, la Nostra Storia “, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvfiiMF2Az8 2022, commissioned by the Franco-German channel  ARTE tells for the first time the turbulent story of the European Monetary Union, through the voices of its founding fathers and from a transnational point of view.

Europe at Sea, 2016, commissioned by ARTE and Swedish Public Tv SVT, examines Europe’s myriad security and humanitarian challenges within and beyond its borders. The film obtained unprecedented access to HRVP Federica Mogherini,  the chief of EU Foreign and Security Policy at a pivotal moment of European history. “Europe at Sea “contains never-before-seen footage of the migrant crisis and offers a unique insight into the workings of the first joint EU naval fleet in the Southern Mediterranean Sea, Operation Sophia, on which Springshot’s crew were embedded. The film was nominated for the 2018 Prix Europa

Award-winning docu-drama “The Great European Disaster Movie(2015), commissioned by the BBC, ARTE and other EU broadcasters,  envisaged the world in the wake of the EU’s collapse, examining the continent’s political, economic, and social crises in the process. Shot in 2014, the film forecast the Brexit result in 2016, and the worsening of the migrant influx in Europe. “The Great European Disaster Movie won the prestigious 2016 German CIVIS Media Prize, bestowed by the President of Germany to the best film covering European issues. According to the jury, the film was “an impressive portrait of the EU… a thoughtful and moving film, which dramatically presents the loss of European values. A brilliant production, magnificent and scary at the same time.”

Springshot’s break-out hit “Girlfriend in a Coma (2012) gained cult status after being banned in Italy for its unflinching portrait of Silvio Berlusconi and the nation’s historic flaws. Directed/produced by Piras, the film was narrated by Bill Emmott, Former Editor of The Economist who also co-wrote the script. It has been acclaimed as one of the sharpest analysis of contemporary Italy. Le Monde described it as a ” desperate love letter to Italy”.  Watch the video of the premiere at the London ICA.