Girlfriend in a Coma

“It freezes the blood in your veins.”
“A terrific film.”
The Economist
“An intelligent, imaginatively presented documentary.”
The Observer
“A very beautiful and cruel documentary.”
Le Monde
“Brilliantly illustrates the true tragedy of Italy.”
The Sunday Times
“A standing ovation for two old media journalists — one Italian, the other English – who have unzipped their imaginations to create a model of transmedia fence-jumping, using digital tools to communicate subtler and more penetrating information than can be transmitted through either conventional opinion journalism or documentary film-making.”

A blend of Michael Moore, Adam Smith and Bunga Bunga with a dash of Dante

Co-written by Annalisa Piras and the former Editor of The Economist Bill Emmott, Girlfriend in a Coma (2012) explores Italy’s political, economic and social decline over the past 20 years, the product of a moral collapse unmatched anywhere else in the West.

Emmott’s quest to understand both “Mala Italia” and “Buona Italia” includes Interviews with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco, film director Nanni Moretti, women’s rights activist Lorella Zanardo, FIAT’s outspoken Canadian-Italian CEO Sergio Marchionne, the author of “Gomorrah” Roberto Saviano and many others.

The film was first broadcast by BBC4 in February 2013.

In Italy, Girlfriend in a Coma was first broadcast by La7 in March 2013, reaching 700,000 viewers.

Backstage at the London premiere of GIAC:

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