The Great European Disaster Movie

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“The Great European Disaster Movie” has won the prestigious German CIVIS media prize in the information category. The film has been selected among 930 applications by media programmes from all over Europe. The prize was bestowed by the German Federal President Joachim Gauck and the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz at a star studded event in the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin in the presence of EU broadcasters yesterday evening May 12th.  Watch the video

About the film: Following the success of the acclaimed Girlfriend In a Coma, director Annalisa Piras and former editor of The Economist Bill Emmott created a new, hard-hitting current-affairs documentary about the political, economic and identity crisis facing Europe. The Great European Disaster Movie stars Angus Deayton, and depicts a Europe that is sleepwalking towards disaster: the film pairs an imagined view of a dystopian future with insightful, cross-national analysis, by experts and by ordinary Europeans, on how and why things are going so wrong. Subtle, moving, thought­-provoking and witty, “The Great European Disaster Movie” is far more than a political film but instead frames Europe through the eyes of those who are most important to its success: the Europeans themselves.

Synopsis: 35,000ft, sometime in the not-so-distant future. Eight year old Jane Monnetti sits aboard an aeroplane which is flying through a menacing storm, heading for Berlin. But all is not well at ground-level. The European Union has collapsed, and countries that had collaborated happily at the beginning of the 21st Century are regressing into the fractious collection of competing nation-states that existed before the EU’s formation. Scared by the turbulence, Jane strikes-up a conversation with an English archaeologist sitting next to her: Charles Granda. He is about to give a lecture on the EU, an entity she had never heard of. In his suitcase he has 5 artefacts which evoke 5 lost European values. To distract Jane from the increasingly menacing storm he tells her 5 stories about what the EU was, why things went so wrong, and what has been lost since its collapse.

Screenings and reception: The Great European Disaster Movie is a BBC/ARTE co­production which has now been watched by 2.360.000 viewers, one million of which in France and Germany. It was first broadcast on BBC4 on March 1st 2015, causing controversy in Eurosceptic circles despite its strong criticism of EU institutions for its underlying message that the European project is worth saving. It was subsequently broadcast in 12 countries and has been translated in 10 languages, including Japanese.